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The student’s lifestyle is much busier than most people think. That’s specifically because of the multitude of essays and other projects they have to complete. This is why so many essay writing companies have been created – in order to help students that are looking for professional assistance with their academic tasks.

The purpose of this review is to inform students who are in search of a reliable company. And since we noticed that there are numerous customer reviews regarding the activity of, we decided to write a feedback on LiveCustomWriting, as well. Here is what we’ve established after conducting extensive research. Services

When we first started to look for information about Live Custom Writing, we discovered an odd thing. Since we couldn’t access several pages on the site, we contacted the customer support department. We were told that we should access another website – namely because this service belongs to the same company; hence, it contains the same information.

So, that’s exactly what we did. We were negatively surprised by the fact that there were numerous mistakes and grammatical errors on the website. We find that this is unacceptable considering that the company is supposed to help students get better grades.

The same could be said about the blog posts. While we did appreciate that Live Custom Writing has a specific blog post section, they don’t instill confidence, since the writing is so poor.

Moving on to the variety of services facilitated by, they are the typical range provided by most companies. In fact, the firm indicates that students should simply communicate their needs and the company will provide the paper they need.

Customer Reviews

Whenever you’re looking for academic help, it pays off to look for legit customer feedback. In order to ease the research process for you, we analyzed various testimonials and reviews. As a rule of thumb, the reviews feature mixed opinions; however, most of them are on the negative side. In other words, the majority of former students that ordered their papers on wouldn’t do that again.

That’s specifically due to the low quality of the papers. Similar to the content on the website, the papers overflow with errors. Aside from that, it is a common complaint that the papers lack a thesis statement, which is inadmissible.

Prices and Discounts

The same can be said about the pricing system – which is rather odd. In the case of a basic essay with a 14-day deadline, the cost per page is $21.99. According to our experience, we can say that this is really expensive, especially in contrast with the firm’s low rating.

We placed an order on, and we paid $26.99 per page for an essay with a 7-day deadline. In the case of Ph.D. dissertations, the prices are quite similar. This is weird as essay tasks are significantly easier than dissertations – so how come the prices are within the same range?

At the same time, when we asked a customer support agent regarding other coupon codes or promo code, we were told that they don’t offer any. This is, once again, unusual, as most companies offer a minimum of discounts so that students can benefit from price reductions. Another weird aspect is that there isn’t any information listed on the website regarding the firm’s policy.

To conclude, should you choose the services provided by or not? We wouldn’t recommend you do so. While some reviews have been on the positive side, our experience with the company, as well as the general negative feedback we found online don’t instill reliability and trust.

LiveCustomWriting review

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