Article Review


 1. Summarize the article’s main points in a paragraph or two.

The author makes an assessment of the importance of sport, and how different traits may contribute to the effectiveness and the benefit that is likely to influence the performance of individuals when exercising. He notes that genetics has a great role to play in a person’s performance in sport, but there are basic requirements that are supposed to keep the athletes fit and enhance their performance. It is critical for the athletes to undergo a training process so that they can gain the mechanical advantage and power to improve their performance.


The author also explains the importance of dietary supplements when used by athletes. Vitamins, amino acids, botanicals, and minerals are some of the supplements identified by the author. Vitamins are metabolic regulators thereby controlling the physiological processes involved in sports. Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C are important as they prevent tissue damage during exercises (Williams, n.p). The author, however, notes that limits should be observed when using the vitamins supplements, as over usage may lead to severe health complications.

2. What did you learn about sports nutrition from reading this article?

What I was able to learn from the article from sports nutrition is that since sports require both physical and mental exercise; it requires physiological processes to be sustained. These physiological processes are controlled by the supplements that are taken by the athletes. The performance of athletes in sports is therefore not determined by just their genetic constitution, but also by the type and level of supplements they take at particular times. It is also critical to follow the established rules when using the supplements to avoid complications.