Alzheimer's disease


Background information

Alzheimer's disease is one of the brain disorders that causes memory loss at late adulthood. From recent research, late adulthood development begins at the age of 60 years and above. Alzheimer's disease (AD) attack brain neurons and progressively degenerates with time leading dementia. The major public health interest is on how to counter Alzheimer’s disease at the late adulthood age (Alzheimer, 2015).

3D Animations


Making of the animations is usually a very hectic process. Even for the well-skilled craftsmen, it takes days or even weeks to complete the simulations. The artists are normally furnished with a data motion. In a typical situation, the data movement comes as a movement skeleton in which an artist captures in the course of either movement capture or key- enclosed. The stationary form depiction that excludes the simulation framework is a state in which the motion is exchanged through an objective character.